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Avocado Oil Benefits for Beauty and Wellness

By :D Lonzo 0 comments
Avocado Oil Benefits for Beauty and Wellness

There are many avocado oil benefits for beauty and wellness.

When it comes down to avocados, we first think of the beautiful color and unique taste. However, benefits offer vitamin D and healthy fat to the body. The oil is surprisingly pressed from the fatty flesh of the avocado, turning it into an age to find liquid gold!

Avocado oil benefits the skin offering amazing results. It contains Oleic acid, which is in the class of a monounsaturated Omega-9 fatty acid. This causes this oil to penetrate easily and deeply into the surface of the skin- thus replenishing lost moisture naturally which comes with age. With Avocado oil, we can restore these lost oils without clogging the pores which help against inflammation, eczema in premature aging, and gives the skin an illustrious glow. This is why we use it in several of our products at Dlonzo Natural Products.

Here are some of our all-natural products featuring avocado oil:

911 Hair Growth Serum
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