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3 Tips for Natural/Transitioning Hair on Your Wedding Day

By :D Lonzo 0 comments
3 Tips for Natural/Transitioning Hair on Your Wedding Day

Here are 3 tips for brides who are transitioning from relaxed hair to natural hair before their wedding... 

If you have a relaxer then this process can take longer. You'll need to take at least a year to two years of receiving no chemical hair relaxer and no texturizers. You must do a thorough trim. If you really want the relaxer gone, then cut your hair down to the new growth.

Treat & Condition Your Scalp

Tip #1, let's start over by treating and conditioning your scalp and using growth serums that contain anti-inflammatory oils. Use oils that are going to open up the pores and allow the scalp to breathe and create a healthy environment. Oils that are going to disinfect like in our 911 Growth Serum products.

The Big Chop

Tip #2, is for the bride who is doing the "big chop." There was only one way to do it. Find a style that you can imagine yourself in. Not because it's cute but because this is something that you can see yourself maintaining. 

When you get the big chop let it be the world's best secret. Only explain to people like your Mom or fiance. Initially, they may not understand the dress exchange. But you (and only you) know what's best for you, your hair, and what makes you feel comfortable. Also, remember taking the big chop especially before a wedding is a bold and brave move and should be done with confidence. This symbolizes the coming into the freedom of natural beauty. 

However, continue to treat your hair with materials that contain Shea butter and vitamin E oils. These natural oils help keep a healthy environment for your hair to grow as well as giving a great shine.

Try Bold Colors

Tip #3, is excellent for women who are already all-natural. Expand on bold fierce color such as blondes, auburns, or mahoganies. For women with sandy hair, be bold and try black. A black wall still allow your color to pop and shine. 

Always know that we are in a time now where- if you want to try different looks for your big day then you can always get a human hair wig. Even try the colors that you've always wanted. See how you look in them. You also can go to your stylist and have a wig cut down shorter, or get a short wig and get it cut even shorter to have an idea of what compliments your face, body, and enhances your beauty.

Keep in mind, you may get plenty of tips, but you are number one in the driver seat on your big day. You have to be your own cheerleader first and know that whatever... you rock with confidence will be received with confidence!

Photo credit: Marlon Schmeiski from Pexels

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