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About Us

About Us

Dlonzo, Owner of Dlonzo Natural Products

Dlonzo is the owner of Dregali Enterprise, the manufacturer of Dlonzo Natural Products. He has amassed more than 20 years of experience in creating and testing natural beauty products to holistically aid common ailments. Dlonzo Natural Products are made with 100% all-natural ingredients and essential oils. Dlonzo is a professional cosmetologist and specializes in promoting healthy hair, scalp, and skincare regimens. He has worked for the world’s leading brands such as L'Oreal USA, SoftSheen-Carson, and Lusters. He is a certified technical educator for natural beauty products- consulting for brands globally.

Tri-Scope Hair Analysis

Trichoscope Hair Analysis

Dlonzo is certified in the advanced tri-scope hair analysis system. This is a detailed digital analysis to help study the scalp, hair shaft, and hair follicles in detail. This analysis will properly interpret your hair and will reveal various mineral imbalances that indicate a tendency for various conditions. The results help determine the best recommendations for your hair care needs.

We offer this service in our local office. For a consultation, please contact us!

What Makes Dlonzo Natural Products Different?

It's simple. Product knowledge...

We have in-depth knowledge of every ingredient that makes up our products. We use only the highest quality and purest oils in our products.

There is a natural product trend for startups mixing buzzword-worthy ingredients. However, many of them do not know why an ingredient should enter the mix- or not. It is essential to know the science behind each combination. Furthermore, major retailers tend to add a slew of artificial ingredients that may be harsh or damaging.

For example, where some manufacturers are using menthol and sulfate combinations to open the pores. You can get the same results in a safer manner by using Peppermint oil. Some use triclosan, which has been suspected of causing cancer in humans. The all-natural alternative is lavender.

When it comes to all-natural products, you want a brand that has your best health interests in mind. Read some of our customer testimonies to gauge our success.

Customer Testimony

"The D’Lonzo’s Double Mint Shampoo and Conditioner felt amazing on my scalp. It was so refreshing and left my scalp tingling and hydrated. My hair felt incredibly soft, smooth and looked shiny. The scent was soft and not overwhelming, perfect if you have any scent sensitivity."
-Beauty Brite Review

Both my son and I have used Dlonzo's hair care products. Specifically his hair growth serum. My edges were coming out due to eczema. My edges have returned and quickly I might add. My son's dreads were thinning and coming out after using this hair growth serum his dreads are thick and healthy!  This product smells great, feels amazing, and most of all... it works!

I have used Lonzo's products for a few years. I really love the scalp oil since I used to have a problem with dryness/flaking. Well I no longer have that problem. This is a great product with all natural ingredients and it smells divine!! You will definitely see a change.
-Ms. Donna

I love D'Lonzo's soap so much. I love it. It really cleans my face and it makes my skin feel refreshing and clean. It also lasts quite a while and it's not messy. I enjoy washing my face.
-Lesa Rogers

Hey just wanted you to know how AMAZING your shampoo, conditioner and 911 serum is...my hair had NEVER felt better..thank you so much.

I love the soothing effect that the 911 oil had on my scalp. I suffer from dry scalp and dandruff. I love the guilt free feeling from using your all natural products and also giving them to my children to use. I love the fresh fragrance that I get from using your shampoo and conditioner. People compliment the smell of my hair.

I totally recommend D'Lonzo's Natural Scalp and Skin Products. I have been using the Shampoo and Conditioner for a year now and the Peppermint based solutions leave a refreshing- tingling sensation to your scalp. I also use his Growth Serum which has nourished my scalp and grown my hair a few inches.

D'Lonzo's Skin Love and Growth Serum are products formulated by a person of color for people of color. These products are amazing. The Growth Serum is a great moisturizer, and the Skin Love gives my beard the softness and sheen that I really love.
-CB Minneapolis

D'Lonzo Natural Hair Products is one of the best on the market. I'm intrigued with the amount of time and care D'Lonzo adds into each product line. True to its natural abilities utilizing 100% naturals oils and natural ingredients for all hair types and textures. His products are free from paraben, sulfate, alcohol, and other synthetic ingredients. This product adds shine, moisture and softens. It's truly outstanding, made fresh and not manufactured. And, that's what I love about the product in real time and care. He will always have my business.
-Tiffany Randall

Dlonzo's products 911 serum and the oatmeal soap are my favorite. The oatmeal soap is excellent for my extremely dry skin. The serum soothes my itching scalp loosening the tension which stops breakage to my hair.
-Mamie Pace

I cannot get enough of Dlonzo's Natural Beard Shine. I absolutely adore this product and I can visibly see the difference in the texture and appearance of my beard. Since using this product, I can comb through my beard with ease and it also prevents breakage. This product is absolutely amazing and I would recommend it to any guy who is looking for a product that provides beard growth and a lasting shine.
-Tim McCray

I've been using D'lonzo hair products for several months, love the texture of my hair and the new growth is amazing.

The first time using the beard wash I was hooked on the mint aroma and all Natural products which drew me in closer. The buttercream softened my coarse beard and gave it a healthy look. The beard shine gave a glimmering shining look that wasn't oily and makes heads turn when I walk by. I highly recommend this product for my bearded brethren.

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